Learn about Trap Neuter Return (TNR)

Trap Neuter Return (TNR) is the nonlethal, humane practice of capturing and spaying/neutering feral cats, then returning them to their colony. Volunteers, cat colony caretakers and high-quality, low-cost spay/neuter clinics manage TNR programs. Some organizations, such as IndyFeralAnimal Friends Humane SocietyOARUCAN and Whistle Stop, have traps available to borrow or purchase.

Scooter teaches TNR

Interested in learning about TNR? Let Scooter walk you through the process!



Become a feral colony caretaker

Colony caretakers provide food, water, winter shelter and general monitoring of feral cats. TNR participants, often working in tandem with colony caretakers, transport feral cats to high-quality, low-cost clinics for spaying/neutering and vaccinations. The evidence of a caretaker and TNR activity will often deter animal control from removing feral cats. The positive effects of colony caretaking and TNR can even help communities accept the presence of a feral cat colony while increasing feline quality of life.

To join a TNR program, contact Ohio Alleycat Resource or IndyFeral.

What is Ear Tipping?

During spay/neuter, veterinarians painlessly tip the left ear of feral cats that will return to their colony. Ear tipping identifies cats that have already been spayed/neutered, which helps TNR efforts and tells animal control the cat is cared for.